The Buddha Stupa

The Agon Shu temple enshrines the the Buddha Stupa which is the Agon Shu’s central object of worship. The Buddha stupa contains the genuine relics of the historical Buddha, bestowed by the Sri Lankan government and His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

Agon Shu venerates as its central object of worship the Shinsei-Busshari, or the genuine relics of the Buddha, which are the most revered in Buddhism.

These precious relics of Shakyamuni Buddha were bestowed upon Agon Shu a number of times. To list a few examples, the first time was in 1983, when Agon Shu received the genuine relics of the Buddha from His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. The second time was in 1986, when Agon Shu received the genuine relics of the Buddha from then president Jayawardene of Sri Lanka. At the presidential palace, President Jayawardene in Sri Lanka bestowed these genuine relics upon the Agon Shu as a Buddhist sect that uses the Agama Nikayas, the direct teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha, as its source. In addition, in 1990, Agon Shu received the genuine relics of the Buddha from Maha Manthida Pirivena, an ancient temple in Sri Lanka.

The Merits of Venerating the Buddha Relics

After the death of the Buddha, the Buddha’s disciples gathered his remains in a stupa and worshiped this as the living Buddha.

The only way to practice Buddhism after the Buddha’s death was to learn the Dharma teachings that the Buddha passed down, and to venerate the Buddha’s relics in place of the living Buddha himself.

Venerating the Buddha stupa led to countless reports of spiritual miracles. Soon, disciples across India adopted the practice of stupa worship. This eventually became the mainstream of Buddhism.

Agon Shu  practitioners each receive a Buddha stupa known as the Busshari Ho-Jyuson which contain the relics of the Buddha through the Vajrayana methods of Nyoi-Hojyu-Ho and Jobutsu-ho.

When one properly venerates the Busshari Ho-Jyuson and chants his mantras, the Busshari Ho-jyuson transforms into a protective Buddha that emits power, removes negative karma and brings treasures, merit and happiness to those venerating the Busshari.